Pain is the warning sign of something going wrong in body. Living with it can be debilitating, demoralising and isolating. There are millions suffering with chronic pain along with you, it is an Epidemic across the world. One in every five british columbians including children and around 100 millions americans are suffering from this disease. Pain is a subjective phenomenon and varies from person to person. Apart from physical suffering one faces skepticism, misunderstanding and negativity from all professional as well as your near and dear ones. This can be frustrating and affects your social and professional life. Unfortunately all of us are not aware about consequences of poorly managed pain. We are here to fill in this vacuum of poorly managed pain. We are here to make sure that you receive proper care and find a way to meaningful life. Our goal to REDUCE PAIN, RESTORE FUNCTION AND IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE“WE ARE PARTNER AGAINST PAIN”

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