Chronic Pain

Affecting your social and professional life.


Cancer Pain

Affecting quality of life.


Acute Disc Prolapse

Leaving you bedridden for almost a week

I was suffering from severe abdominal pain due to a cancer called cholangiocarcinoma. All types of medication including morphine did not help me much. One day i was referred to pain specialist at bangalorepainclinic. They advised me to undergo a procedure called coeliac plexus block – a simple injection in my abdomen, following which my pain has come down by 60 %. I am comfortable following injection. This injection works for a period of about six months and i am looking for a repeat injection in may 2016. I am planning to go back to my native Shillong following this injection.

– Mr. Ratan Sharma

I was suffering from pain in area behind my right ear from last past thirteen years. This had worsen over last six weeks. I had visited many doctors and couldn’t found solution to my pain. One day i was admitted in emergency department with severe pain spreading all over my head with lacrimation and difficulty in swallowing. After this i came across to a pain specialist at bangalorepainclinic. I was advised to undergo a test injection in my neck called third occipital nerve block. This nerve blocks the pain arising from C2-3 facet joint in neck. Following this my pain has disappeared and i am looking at RF ablation of third occipital nerve for a long lasting pain relief. Thanks to this test injection which helped me to find source of my pain.

– Mr. N.D. Reddy

I am 30 yrs old and suffering from severe back pain for last 8 months. On MRI there is a disc disease which is the reason for my pain. I was advised to undergo surgery to get rid of this pain. One day i was referred to a doctor at bangalorepainclinc by a rheumatologist. I could barely walk due to severe pain. I was advised to undergo a injection in my back called lateral recess block. Following this i had immediate pain relief and i could walk and do exercises without suffering from pain.

– Mrs Sarla

I am a 40 yrs old and one day while lifting heavy weight had a sharp shooting pain from lower back on right side to all the way down to my feet. I could barely move after this and was occupied to bed. I got lumbar spine MRI as suggested by doctor. MRI was suggestive of acute intervertebral disc disease at L4-5 level on right side. Despite of taking three medication i was bedridden with severe pain on a bit of movement. Than i came to meet pain specialist on third day and after a epidural injection in my back pain. Following which my pain was relieved immediately and i could walk after two hours. There was a temporary numbness in feet which disappeared in two hours.

– Mrs  Shilpa


Following link will help you to understand pain circuit. We do not feel pain while fighting because PAIN GATE is closed and this prevents pain signal reaching brain. Normally there is a inhibitory signal from brain which controls this PAIN GATE. http://www.bayareapainmedical.com/nervanim.html


When pain doesn’t go away after the injury or cause of pain has healed, it is considered chronic pain. Chronic pain is now considered a disease  that may best be managed with multimodal approach. PAIN GATE is left open in chronic pain due to loss of inhibitory control from brain. A properly managed pain for 3 months will help in getting normal physiology back ( normal functioning PAIN GATE).

  • Pain more than 3 months
  • Not able to find reason
  • Affecting your social and professional life
  • Pain pushing you to depression
  • Intolerable side effects of pain killers
  • Ineffective ongoing treatment
  • Surgery is not advisable or afraid of surgery

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